Program Description


3D printing is a field which has become increasingly accessible, with both the drop in cost of the machines themselves and the improvements of the software which drives both the design and printing stages. As a result, the hobbyist is now capable of bringing to life creations of their own design with greater and greater ease and at lower and lower barriers to entry.

This course is an opportunity for students to learn how to 3D model physical objects and 3D print them, bringing their creation to life. It introduces students to computer aided design (CAD), exporting their modeling to splicing software (which enables a 3D printer to interpret their designs) and finally printing their designs. This course is highly iterative: students will find out how their ideal design fails to come to life exactly as they had intended and will learn to adjust their designs in order to meet specifications.

This course is intended for the amateur designer who is fairly new to 3D printing. It is a great way to discover computer aided design and learn the intricacies of 3D printing. As with any Braincubator program, an emphasis is placed on the engineering design cycle as a means of designing and developing solutions to real world problems in a hands on manner.


Key Topics

This TechCamp focuses on many different STEM related concepts, some areas of emphasis are:


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