Braincubator is a technology education company.

Our story


We connect students with talented educators to prepare them for the increasingly technical workplace.

We’ve positioned ourselves to complement the classroom education students are currently receiving in preparation for using today’s technology in meaningful ways to solve their day to day problems, both in business and personal capacities.


Our Philosophy

With student involvement as the cornerstone, each of our courses employ engineering design principles in an open-ended manner. We focus on providing students the opportunity to creatively utilize their understanding in solving well defined problems.


Simplicity is Essential

By working with concepts in their simplest form, students can begin to apply them organically in describing the various mechanical, electrical, and computational systems employed in our courses.

By beginning in simplicity, students are able to incrementally discover at their own pace the inevitable complexities in any meaningful understanding.



Familiarity leads to Ingenuity

We believe that by working with ideas and tools repeatedly, we naturally evolve to use them in newfound ways. The road to ingenuity is rarely traversed quickly, rather gradually as our familiarity deepens.

This process of deepening familiarity is at the root of the design process, and informs the structure of each of our courses.



The Inaccessibility of Technology is a Thing of the Past

We believe that access to technology leads to its best use in our community. As our access to information and technology expands, there is little excuse to not employ it as a tool for solving everyday problems.

As with any tool, the best use of technology is in the hands of those who can command it.


We believe there's an entire generation of people looking to empower themselves.


Our Mission

At Braincubator, we aim to empower students by showing them that creating new technology is within their grasp. Our mission is to prepare their minds for the technical roles they’ll be asked to fill as adults.

Using engineering design principles, we believe we can teach anyone to use technology as a tool for creation, exploration, and discovery.


Our Services

Since 2015, Braincubator has been developing and teaching courses in robotics, computer engineering, 3D printing, mechanical engineering, and leadership disciplines. As we've grown, we've consistently kept our class sizes small, and our instructors engaging.

Many of our courses have been developed by students and professionals in our community, who have teamed up with us to deliver innovative curriculum in a tangible manner.


Each of our courses offer


Open-Ended Activities

While various theories underpin the content of our courses, it is the open-ended, hands-on building component which makes these ideas tangible to students - it also makes our courses entertaining for both kids and adults alike.


Innovative, Engaging Curriculum

Since so many of our curriculum developers understand which topics in math, science, and engineering are most relevant to today's technology, we can ensure that our courses will prepare students for what lay ahead in their education, and careers.


Captivating Instructors

Finding the right teacher is a challenge that many students face, in particular when working with technical material. Too many of us have experienced how one year of study under an uninspiring, overelaborate teacher can impact us for years. We're proud of the balance our instructors strike between student engagement, and meaningful instruction.


Do you think you have a great idea for a course?

Braincubator relies on it's community to develop and deliver our courses. If you've got a great idea for a course, or think you might make a great instructor, we'd love to hear from you.