Technical Literacy Leads To Ingenuity

A Note on the Side Effects of Technical Literacy

It’s quite clear how technology has shaped our lives. It’s perhaps less clear how technology can shape our attitudes.

Braincubator was brought to life with a clear goal in mind: to teach technical literacy to our community. The journey from that starting point to the organization we are today has involved an evolution of that simple goal into something much more meaningful.

As students attended our TechCamps and other programs, we began to realize that technical literacy produced another effect:  it built confidence and self esteem. We saw that this confidence lead to students taking on challenges that seemed previously daunting to them. Not only did their growing understanding of technology provide them with knowledge and critical thinking skills, confidence and self-esteem - it brought patience and resolve.

Most importantly, it gave them inspiration and direction for their future.

As a result, our original goal of teaching technical literacy has blossomed. What seemed initially to be technical programming has now taken on a strong element of humanity. We’re still teaching students how to develop games and build robots, but we’re also teaching them how these technical skills apply to the problems in their day to day lives.

This shift in attitude is profound. With the confidence and familiarity with technology our students gain, they begin to feel differently about the otherwise mysterious, and ubiquitous, technology in our lives. This familiarity leads to ingenuity, and we’re often surprised, and proud, to see our students apply their understanding in ways we hadn’t considered, often also to the surprise of the student. The positive lift this brings to our students’ lives of often quite tangible.

For this reason, Braincubator’s TechCamps are all centered around hands-on projects.

Students don’t simply learn technology with us, they build technology with us.

It is the application of their technical understanding towards a tangible goal that makes our TechCamps so effective -  it creates a clear example of how technology can be developed, which students can then meaningfully incorporate into their lives.

The tension too many of us feel about technology - needing, even wanting it in our lives but simultaneous being alienated by its complex underpinnings - is alleviated by understanding. If our youth is to shape the technical world we live in, a technical understanding of it is essential.

Just as essential is a healthy attitude towards this technical world.

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