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Parents and students are all too familiar with how stressful the university or college admission process is. A key component to the difficulty of selecting a post-secondary institution is the uncertainty surrounding what the student themself would like to pursue.

At the high school level, students are often not exposed to the fields of study they may be best suited to. It’s a curious situation. Consider, for instance: how can one decide to become an engineer if they don’t know what engineering is?

As the world of technology expands, there is a corresponding expansion of choice for the person entering the workforce. Technology is changing the way we work and live, and there exists a tremendous opportunity to work in new, growing fields. However, due to the relative complexity of these fields, a significant amount of education is required and students are being asked at younger and younger ages to commit to an educational path that will shape their futures.

Choosing a field of study is arguably the first major life decision one makes for themselves.

We’d like to help ease the difficulty of making this decision.

Braincubator’s TechCamps are designed to introduce students to content they would normally have to wait until university to explore. We offer programming in a myriad of fields. From 3D design and modeling to robotics to machine learning, among others.

We’re offering students a glimpse into what their future may hold.

Our TechCamps are all focused on the hands-on elements of learning. While there is no shortage of theory being taught, our aim for each of our students is to create something whilst attending our programs. Not only does this provide tangible evidence to students of their own development , building confidence and self esteem, it is also enticing for the developing mind to work towards a meaningful goal.

Our goal is not simply to educate students, but to draw out their passion.

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