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STEM Based Curriculum


Our courses have been developed by industry professionals and adapted to various levels of expertise, from novice to expert.


Explore our Curriculum by Discipline

Our curriculum is organized by discipline, sub-discipline, age group, and skill level. A summary of latter two categories can be found at the bottom of this page.


Our Curriculum Complements Regular Classroom Education

By focusing on building and creating as a means of developing skills, we're able to deliver a complementary, tangible grasp of technical concepts to students.


Our Curriculum is Intended to be a Foundation for Learning


Mathematical and Scientific Principles

Today's technology is built on a solid foundation of mathematical and scientific principles. Understanding them are crucial to understanding the technology around us.


Leadership Skills

Understanding the role of science, technology, engineering, and math in the everyday world is only part of the equation to successfully employing these disciplines in our communities. Learning to develop personal leadership perspectives is another essential feature.


Engineering Design Principles

Working with failure and using it as a means of developing better solutions is a core feature of engineering solutions. Our goal is to demonstrate how effective iteration can be in finding new solutions to existing problems.


The combination of a tangible understanding and perspective of how these technologies can be implemented in our daily lives is a key element of the Braincubator philosophy, and informs the hands-on structure of our courses.

We've Organized our Curriculum!

We want to provide a way for students and parent to understand how our courses progress.

Below we outline how we have done so according to both age group and skill level.


Age Group

8 - 9: Junior

10 - 12: Pre-Teen

13 - 15: Teen

16 - 18: Young Adult

19+:  Adult

Skill Level

1:  Foundations

2:  Novice

3:  Seasoned

4:  Veteran

5:  Guru


These classifications are not intended to be followed strictly - we'd like them to help demonstrate how students typically progress through our curriculum.

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