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Throughout the 80's, 90's and early 2000's as computer processing power grew, video games became increasingly sophisticated and the market place exploded with new game designs and increasingly life-like graphics. In recent years, there has been a return to simpler game mechanics, and graphical design. With this return to simplicity in what are being called Hyper-Casual Games, a great opportunity is presented for young programmers to explore a growing sector in video game creation.

This TechCamp introduces students to a variety of programming principles through hyper-casual game development. Hyper-casual games are the latest trend in gaming. Using simple designs and controls, these physics based games are easy to pick up and play. Building them is also a great way to learn how to code! Students develop their games for an online environment whilst learning about data types, control and decision structures, and more. These tools are used to implement responsive physics engines, collision detection algorithms, and creative characters and game layouts.

This TechCamp is intended for the amateur programmer with little to no coding experience, and is by no means an expert. It is a great way to discover the foundations of object oriented programming by exploring the fundamentals of game creation. As with any Braincubator TechCamp, an emphasis is placed on the engineering design cycle as a means of designing and developing solutions to real world problems in a hands on manner.


Key Topics

This program focuses on many different STEM related concepts, some areas of emphasis are:


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