Program Description


Artificial intelligence is beginning to make a truly meaningful mark on our society, with a growing variety of applications entering into the marketplace. Already in use for some time by businesses such as Google, Apple, and Facebook to help them organize and pull meaningful patterns out of enormous amounts of data, artificial intelligence is a rapidly expanding field.

This course aims to teaching young programmers the core principles of Machine Learning. By exploring neural network structures and their applications, students get a look at how simply these structures can be applied to problem solving in the real world. Students also explore DEEP learning algorithms to grasp a more powerful machine learning tool and apply it to more sophisticated applications.

This course is intended for the amateur programmer with basic coding experience, but is by no means an expert. It is a great way to discover the foundations of Artificial Intelligence by exploring core concepts in Machine Learning. As with any Braincubator program, an emphasis is placed on the engineering design cycle as a means of designing and developing solutions to real world problems in a hands on manner.


Key Topics

This TechCamp focuses on many different STEM related concepts, some areas of emphasis are:


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