Program Description


Robotics is a field gaining more and more prevalence not only in manufacturing processes, but in household applications well. In Tesla's factories, and Amazon's warehouses, a myriad of robots are employed to automate otherwise tedious and time consuming tasks. At home, iRobot's Roomba and other similar devices are being used to autonomously vacuum floors, allowing home owners to spend their time more freely.

This TechCamp introduces students to working with motors, sensors, and Bluetooth modules. Students are tasked with building increasingly complex two-wheeled robots. We learn to read and interpret data from ultrasonic sensors in the construction of an autonomous, obstacle-avoidance robot. We iterate on this robot, introducing further sensors to construct a maze solving robot. Finally, students integrate Bluetooth modules as a means of communicating with other Bluetooth enabled devices, such as PCs or cellphones. This communication channel is used to control the robot and to collect information gathered by the sensors on the robot.

This TechCamp is intended for the amateur engineer with little to no experience building robots. It is a great way to discover the foundations of robotics in a hands on manner. As with any Braincubator TechCamp, an emphasis is placed on the engineering design cycle as a means of designing and developing solutions to real world problems.


Key Topics

This TechCamp focuses on many different STEM related concepts, some areas of emphasis are:


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