Program Description


Mechatronics is a branch of engineering that originally focused on the engineering of both electrical and mechanical systems simultaneously. In has since expanded to also include a combination of robotics, electronics, computer, telecommunications, systems, control, and product engineering.

Throughout this TechCamp students explore the various mechanical and electrical systems employed in today's vehicles whilst building working versions of their own out of Lego Technic. The electrical components required to power the vehicle's motion and control are introduced, and circuits are built and connected to the students' vehicles. By the week's end, students will have built a rear-wheel-drive, 4-wheel independent suspension, remote controlled car.

Students in this program explore topics in mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering. They collaborate and problem solve while developing technical skills. This program introduces students to various electrical components, including microcontrollers, DC motors and servos, motor controllers, and Bluetooth modules, among others. Various topics in computer programming are explored in order to control the various electrical components of our robots.

This course is intended for the amateur / intermediate roboticist. It is a great way to discover the foundations of Mechatronics and robotics in general. As with any Braincubator program, an emphasis is placed on the engineering design cycle as a means of designing and developing solutions to real world problems in a hands on manner.


Key Topics

This TechCamp focuses on many different STEM related concepts, some areas of emphasis are:


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