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The presentations outlined below are a growing collection of talks designed to engage the audience in consideration of their own life and experiences in new contexts. They’re intended to be thought provoking, and hope to bring about personal insight by considering the world in different ways.


Bringing the Design Process to Life

This presentation introduces the design process with a twist. Rather than focusing on the development of technical solutions to technical problems, we look at how we can use the design process in coming to understand ourselves, and our path through life. It prompts participants to consider what motivates them, what they can do about it, and how they can recognize if they’re on the right path.

This presentation encourages a mindset for approaching life in an open-ended manner, and even a non-formulaic method for doing so - inspired by the design process itself.

Duration: 45 or 90 min

Target Audience: Grades 11 and up

Building Strong Attitudes for Strong Minds

This presentation prompts participants to consider their own development in a different context. Rather than focusing on innate aptitudes and IQ, it introduces attitude as the cornerstone of development. We address several important questions: What prevents me from learning some subjects as easily as others? Why do other people seem to be better at some things than I am? How can I improve myself as a learner?

By considering what is happening in our brains while we learn, and our immediate experiences of learning, we explore some of the trickiest barriers to learning - the emotional barriers.

Duration: 45 or 90 min

Target Audience: Grades 7 and up



The Value of Education - Embark on Your Adventure

Almost every math teacher has heard the question, “When will I ever use this?”. It’s a troubling question, because while the teacher may have an answer meaningful to themselves, it is rarely meaningful to students. This presentation sets the goal of establishing a meaningful context for students to understand their own learning.

In short, it aims to teach students that life is an adventure that they can choose to embark upon. It’s their adventure to pursue - what tools will they need to be successful? By re contextualizing their time in school, we hope to establish the positive attitudes which underpin good learning practices.

Duration: 45 or 90 min

Target Audience: Grades 9 and up

Teaching as Development - A Positive Feedback Loop

This talk focuses on the mutual development of ourselves and our community.

James Carse made the comment that speakers may “present themselves as an audience by way of talking with others”. In other words, we can use speech as a means of creating responses valuable to our own lives. By offering our own understanding of the world to others, we can learn through conversation about the values, attitudes, and understanding of ourselves and our community.

This talk takes participants through the journey of a teacher who used his time working with others to gain insight into his own life, and his own development, then used this insight to in turn develop others.

Duration: 45 or 90 min

Target Audience: Grades 11 and up

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