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Private Tutorials


Our tutorials are designed for the student seeking one-on-one instruction either with designing and building a personal project, or with their everyday classwork.


Consider our Tutorial Offerings

Our instructors work one-on-one or in small groups with students.

Tailored TechBuilds

Bring your project to life!

Bring your project to life!

Work one-on-one with Braincubator’s talented instructors on a project of your choosing. Build a remote controlled airplane, boat, or car. Learn how to create 3D models using industry standard applications. Discover 3D printing and CNC machining. Explore circuits and automated systems. Develop video games or explore machine learning.

The sky is the limit - you tell us what you’d like to bring to life, and we’ll show you how!

Academic Tutorials

Discover your strengths!

Discover your strengths!

Augment your regular classroom instruction by studying one-on-one with Braincubator’s excellent tutors. By identifying students’ relative strengths and weaknesses, study habits, interests, and ambitions we can provide students with not only intruction on how to understand and complete their coursework, but also how they work more effectively to achieving success in their schoolwork.

If you’re looking for remedial or enrichment help, our tutors can provide it.


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